Augmented Reality’s Success in Marketing

Augmented Reality enhances one’s real world perspective, different than Virtual Reality which immerses the user in a completely different realm. AR can overlay text onto store items and tourist attractions, which provides added insights about the product or attraction at hand. AR is a highly valuable resource for marketers; it allows consumers to interact in both the digital and physical worlds, has high emotional and repeat engagement while being highly interactive and targeted, and has a very low operating cost. Various companies who have implemented Augmented Reality into their marketing campaigns had immense success; such as Toyota’s Shopping Tool which increased their app downloads by 600%. The AR industry is rapidly growing, and is expected to reach $600 billion in revenue this year, increasing at a rate of 132%. The driving factor behind the growth of AR is in its simplicity. Unlike VR which requires more substantial technology on the part of the user, anyone with a smartphone can use AR; and with 50% of the US population using a smartphone there is more opportunity for AR to be more easily adopted. Currently, the big names in AR include Wikitude and Metaio for location-based info, Blippar for interactive media, as well as Layar and Zappar for enhanced print marketing campaigns. With the proven success AR’s incorporation into marketing campaigns has seen thus far, it is sure to grow in commonplace.

Below is the full infographic by Bixa Media:


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