Touchstone VR is Touchstone Research’s consumer insights division for all things Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are a team of highly experienced, tech-focused researchers who are extremely passionate about VR/AR and believe it will dramatically change the world we live in today. With over 20 years’ experience in technology driven research services combined with our passion and experience with VR/AR, Touchstone VR is the go to firm for providing consumer insights and marketing research services to the  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industries.

Touchstone VR was the first research company to conduct research on the next gen wave of Virtually Reality technology and headsets with Kids & Teens in the U.S. In addition we conducted the first ever VR Consumer Sentiment Report (in conjunction with Greenlight VR), the first-of-its kind report surveyed over 2000 consumers age 10 through 65 on their awareness, attitudes, perceptions, and purchase intent of VR platforms and headsets. Data from Touchstone VR Consumer Insights reports have been published over 100 times including features in the world’s largest media and technology publications. 

“Touchstone Research, Inc. has been uncovering technological innovations and leading the charge of next gen marketing research services for over 20 years. We feel that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hold the promise to be the most disruptive technology to come out since social media and mobile and may become the next computing platform. If VR delivers, and all signs are good, we believe it will impact every major industry and transform the world as we know it. We are extremely passionate about VR/AR and have created Touchstone VR to help our clients understand and evolve with these new technologies and to provide the VR/AR industry with a go to market research and consumer insights partner who understands the potential of these new mediums and has a proven presence and expertise in the space.”

– Aaron Burch, President, Touchstone Research, Inc./Touchstone VR

Touchstone VR was developed to support the VR/AR community research needs now and into the future. In addition to our VR Consumer Insights reports, we offer a wide range of VR & AR specific research services utilizing our tech-driven proprietary research methodologies and next gen market research tools and platforms (it’s a long list—we know!).


Touchstone VR
Consumer Insights Services

  • VR Game & App Testing
  • VR Product Testing
  • VR Concept Testing
  • VR Ad Testing
  • HMD Usability Testing
  • VR/AR In-Person Focus Groups, IDI (in-depth interviews)
  • VR/AR Consumer Reports
  • VR Usability (UX) Testing
  • VR Beta Tester Access
  • Immersive 360 Video Testing
  • VR Game Testing
  • VR Content Development Testing
  • VR Play Testing
  • VR Hardware Usability (UX) Testing
  • Custom VR/AR Research Solutions
  • VR Consumer Report Deep Dives and Data Cuts
  • VR Omnibus Surveys






Stay Tuned for some big Touchstone VR announcements in the weeks to come—we have some super exciting things in the works!


Touchstone VR is currently looking to partner with other like-minded VR/AR companies across numerous VR/AR related categories. If you are interested in discussing ways we can work together please get in touch