Custom Market Research Services

From leading-edge custom online communities and panels for today’s tech-savvy consumers that help you connect with your customers in new more relevant ways to questionnaire design to survey programming to data crunching & reporting, we offer a full menu of market research services and deliver with top notch quality.

Touchstone Research, Inc. is one of the most experienced and advanced online market research firms. We are known for innovation, leading-edge technical solutions and excellence in customer service and product delivery.

Our belief is that marketing research must be as fast-moving, dynamic and ever changing as is today’s consumer-centric tech-world: it is important to embrace new consumer technologies and include them as tools and methodologies so that we can reach people and communicate with them in new and more relevant ways leading to better insights and understandings.

Full Service Next Gen Market Research Company Ready to Meet Your Research Needs. We are familiar with a range of methodologies, have thousands of projects behind us, worked with numerous clients, have been out there for 25+ years. We have seen it all and are ready to tackle your next research task. Tech-driven, budget-friendly, next gen market research team is here to help.

Please choose the area you are interested in below or contact us and we will help you pick methodology and bundle the services you need.



Questionnaire Design

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