Innovation in In-Person Qualitative Research Recruitment and Management

Looking to conduct an In-Person Qualitative research project or develop an ongoing In-Person Qualitative research panel or program?  We have you covered!  TSR has years of experience in screening and recruiting for difficult and complex In-Person qualitative projects and have special expertise in unusual project types.  We utilize creative approaches and take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure your In-Person research project delivers the insight you need.  Don’t settle for unresponsive recruitment partners, low participation rates and participants who don’t fulfill your research needs.

Our approach to participant recruitment and screening for your project is to take into account your exact research goals and tailor our recruitment and screening process and strategy to ensure we achieve that goal together.  We look at your project with fresh eyes and will take a creative approach where necessary to ensure we get you the right people who meet your qualifying criteria and demographic quotas.

Participant recruitment and qualification strategies include several layers of screening/qualifying including surveys, telephone, and Skype interviews among other tactics.  Depending on the project criteria, it is not unusual for us to take into account things like social media account profile data, social proof via image and video sharing, or other creative approaches during the qualifying process in order to provide the most qualified participants possible.


Ad-Hoc Projects and Ongoing Research Programs

Whether you are looking to conduct an ad-hoc in-person research project or wanting to develop a more robust ongoing in-person qualitative research program we can assist you.  We have extensive experience in building on-going in-person research programs and can build up a pool of research candidates who meet your key research project(s) criteria within the location you require within a short amount of time.

In-Person Qualitative Research Project Services

in-person qualitative research participants teens

While we are able to recruit for virtually any type of research project, below are a few common project examples and areas of expertise.
  • Focus Groups 
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s)–One-on-one sessions
  • Friendship Pairs DYADS, and TRIADS
  • ShopAlongs
  • Ad/Concept Testing 
  • TV-Show Pilot Testing & Movie Screening Sessions 
  • Immersions–10-20 target consumers are recruited to interact with executives, producers, creatives, etc. where the staff can become “immersed” and understand the target consumer in an in-depth way. 
  • Consumer Panels—Especially articulate, thoughtful and well-spoken consumer representatives recruited to participate in Panel discussions and question and answer sessions in front of client staff.
  • Website, Mobile Apps & Games Usability Testing–Typically one-on-ones with some friendship and mini-group formats to evaluate games, ability to navigate Sites, etc.
  • In-Home Mini-focus groups get in-home insights (friends’ pizza party and view/react to concepts, or “Moms Night In”) with observers, in depth probes and videotaping. 
  • In-home Ethnography –Participants are recruited to participate in a study for an extended period of time keeping, journals, videotaping activities, conducting assignments and projects, etc.
  • Intercepts

Youth and Family Recruitment Expertise

We have special expertise in recruiting for Youth and Family research projects and have been successfully recruiting this demographic for over 10 years.  We actively recruit and manage In-Person qualitative research projects with Preschoolers, Tweens, Teens, Young Adults and Parents on a daily basis.  Our recruiters understand and communicate with kids, teens, and young adults in way where they feel comfortable giving their opinions in an unbiased way.  We successfully recruit and deliver on low incidence, complex, and unusual projects week after week.


Recruiting in New York, California, and other locations

We maintain a large pool of thousands of highly profiled qualitative research panelists in the New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas who can be tapped into for In-Person (or In-Home) qualitative research projects and have been recruiting in these markets for 10 years.  We know the demographics school schedules, the traffic, and the weather 🙂   If you have a project you are looking to conduct in another location, please let us know and we can let you know what our feasibility would be.  In addition, we can consider building out an ongoing in-person qualitative research program depending on the volume of research you are looking to conduct.


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