Understand Your Consumers’ Lives by Using Mobile Ethnography App

Widespread adoption of mobile devices means that consumers are now more accessible and connected than ever before. Consumers take their mobile phones everywhere they go and our app puts you right there with them! TSR’s mobile ethnography research app for smartphones and tablets allows you to immerse yourself into the lives of your consumers in a way that no other research tool can achieve.

  • See and hear the actual voice of the consumer: capture amazingly rich in-the moment insights via user-generated video, photos, audio and text.
  • Get immediate results and monitor progress in real time via the project dashboard available to you on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Perfect for in-home, on-the-go event or activity-based research projects!
  • Timely cost-effective research at the point of consumption.
  • Send messages to and read immediate responses from participants.
  • React instantly to results, probe for greater insights, and pivot to pursue new paths of investigation.
  • No other research tool lets you truly be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall to gain authentic insights.

Mobile Qualitative Research Projects

The mobile ethnography research app can be used for many different research purposes including:

  • Day In The Life
  • Diaries/Video Diaries
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mobile Communities
  • Event/Activity Specific Research
  • Digital Activity Project Guides
  • Group Discussions/Boards
  • On-the-go research
  • In-depth Interviews
  • iHUTS

Don’t see your project type mentioned above? No worries—the mobile ethnography app can be used for any type of project where you want to capture rich insights via video, photo, audio or text. We love helping our clients come up with new research methodologies and project designs to meet their research objectives.

Mobile Ethnography Research App Features

We offer a wide range of app features and are constantly working on new innovative features and functionalities based on the needs of our clients. Many of the app features can be turned on/off depending on the project requirements.

Mobile ethnography research app features/functionalities:

  • iOS and Android Smartphone/Tablet Compatible
  • Streamlined easy to use interface
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Unlimited Moderators & Observers
  • Private or community topics/projects
  • Conduct multiple projects simultaneously
  • Text, Audio, Image, Video Responses
  • Adjust colors/branding
  • Moderating/Observing on the fly through the app
  • Send/Receive “Push” notifications
  • Pose text/audio/image/video questions
  • Geo-mapping (optional)
  • Segmentation
  • Mass-import participants
  • Include Profile Data/Variables
  • Export data with ease in real-time.
  • Conduct projects for days, weeks, months, years
  • Present stimuli (videos, images, links, etc.)
  • Tag responses
  • Excel/CSV/HTML Reports
  • Video Wall Reporting





Service Levels/Offerings

Whether you would like us to handle all aspects of your research project from participant recruitment
through reporting & analysis or would only like us to handle a few pieces — we have you covered!  In fact, our clients range from brands/end-clients to marketing research companies and agencies.

Participant Recruitment

Know who you want to hear from but aren’t sure where to find them?  No problem–we can assist in participant recruitment and screener development.  We have over 10+ years’ experience in screening and recruitment of hard to reach demographics and do so on a daily basis on behalf of our clients.  Our multi-layered recruitment approach consists of several rounds of online, telephone, Skype and in-person interviews (depending on the project requirements) and helps ensure you get the most articulate and engaged participants possible.

Our stringent recruitment process also includes getting participants trained and ready to use the app to prevent any technical hiccups during project launch.  All participants consent to their participation in the project including use of their images, videos, text responses prior to participation.

In certain situations you may want us to handle the recruit but you may already have a pool or database you would like to recruit from—we can support you in this situation as well.

Discussion Guide Development

We can assist with the Discussion Guide development for your Mobile Ethnography project and will design it in a way that ensures a proper flow for the mobile ethnography app environment and will help to generate the best insights possible.

We are experts in writing/designing your project discussion guide for the mobile platform.  We will use text, audio, and video where appropriate to keep project participants as engaged as possible.  Each aspect of the discussion guide will be written/designed in way to help generate the insights you need.

Alternatively, you may wish to write the discussion guide yourself but would like us to handle the guide setup/programming within the mobile ethnography app environment.  We can service you in this regard as well.

Project Setup and Support

We can handle all aspects of your project setup including Discussion Guide programming (text, image, video uploads), activating/deactivating all needed app functionality and settings, and getting participant accounts created/setup within the app.

We closely monitor all technical aspects of your project to help make your project as successful as possible.

Project Management

Don’t settle for low participation rates and unmotivated respondents.  We take special care to craft all project communications in a way that gets participant’s excited about your project and keeps them actively informed and engaged.

We actively monitor and assess project participation from beginning to end and ensure that inactive participants are contacted/reminded (through email, push notifications, and telephone reminders).

The end result is extremely high participation rates and better insights.  We often see 80% or higher participation rates for our mobile ethnography projects.

Project management also includes final participation assessment and incentive distribution.

Moderation (optional)

Need assistance moderating your mobile ethnography project?  We have you covered.  Allow one of our highly skilled moderators to take care of this for you.  Our moderators are extremely tech savvy and have years of experience in moderating in online and mobile platform environments.  We do everythingwe can to help get you the valuable insights you need.

Alternatively, you may wish to moderate the project yourself or use a different moderator of your choice—in this situation we provide training and support on how to use the platform so that you feel comfortable handling this on your end.  The app is built in an intuitive and easy to follow format so little training/support is typically needed in order to get you/your moderator up and running.

Reporting & Analysis (optional)

Looking for deeper insights in a visually appealing, easy to follow format?  Let one of our highly skilled research analysts handle the reporting & analysis of your project.  We take special care to ensure our summary reports give you the insights you need to make the right decision(s) for your business.  Our reports are produced in a clean and easy to follow format to help you cut through the noise.  We use images and video where appropriate to enhance the report and help tell the story.

Looking for something different? Check out our other services and tools! We are always coming up with new cool ways to get quality insights — just contact us with your project idea for more details.