What sets us apart?

With over 20+ years’ experience in the Kids & Families marketing research space, we have developed a set of core principles and best practices that we abide by when conducting marketing research with kids.

 Children’s Safety & Privacy

kidsafe-seal-supporter@2xWe are strong supporters of children’s online privacy and safety and all of the work we do with kids is fully COPPA compliant.  Our Kids & Families online research panel and community has been fully vetted by companies who specialize in children’s online safety and privacy certification such as kidSAFE.

 Parental Communication

In every aspect of the work we do with kids, there is constant and clear communication between us and the parent.  Parent’s provide consent on behalf of their child for participating in research activities.  We take special care to always provide parents with the information and resources they need before allowing their child to participate in a research project.

 Client Consulting & Information Sessions

Often times we are asked by clients as to what can and cannot be done in-regards to youth research.  Can a 6 year old answer a survey without the help of their parent(s)?  Does a 9 year old understand words like “inappropriate”?  Here is where our expertise kicks in.  We know the answers to questions like this and will share our knowledge with you to help you to design your research project in a way that delivers the youth insight you need in a format that is appropriate for your youth target group.

 Kid Approved Research Designs

From question & answer wording, look & feel to project length, we take special care to ensure your youth research study is designed in way that is easy for kids to understand and produces a pleasant experience for them. Our project designs are fun, engaging, and easy for kids to participate in. We use kid-friendly language and keep projects to an appropriate length.  We constantly test our project designs with kids and fuse kid feedback into the process.

Client, Kids & Family Protection

Both for our kids and families panelists and our clients.  There are many companies out there who do not always conduct research with kids properly and with their best interest in mind.  This is sometimes unintentional and is never acceptable.  Kids always need to come first and be protected.  With over 20+ years’ experience in this space we have been asked to conduct many different types of projects with kids and developed the proper procedures for conducting these types of studies. We will always make sure that you know what types of research can and cannot be conducted with kids and protect you to make sure that you are compliant with all laws and policy.  We will never field a project that we feel is inappropriate for kids.


We offer numerous technologies and platforms for conducting marketing research with kids. Yes, kids can actually fill out an online survey, participate in an online insight community, online focus groups, and more and are sometimes faster at learning these technologies than their parents!  

 Kids Marketing Research Platforms & Technologies Include:
  • Online Surveys 
  • Proprietary Online Research Panels
  • Discussion Boards 
  • Insight Communities 
  • Co-Creation 
  • iGamelab Website, Mobile App & Games Testing Platform
  • In-Person Qualitative – recruitment for kids focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability testing, in-homes, and more. 
  • Online Qualitative Suite for conducting kids focus groups, in-depth interviews, and usability testing 
  • Mobile App for kids in-the moment research and kids mobile insight communities.


We offer the full range of Kids & Families marketing research services from project design to reporting and analysis. We are extremely flexible and offer full-service or can fill in where necessary depending on your specific research needs.


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