Highly Qualified + Engaged Participants = Better Insights

Looking to conduct an In-Person or Online Qualitative research project? You have come to the right place! We have years of experience in screening and recruiting for difficult and complex In-Person and Online qualitative research projects.

From project recruitment and management through execution, we have extensive experience in the qualitative arena and offer many services and tools and can help you pick the proper research methodology given your insight needs. We utilize the latest technology advancements and platforms to take your project to the next level—from qualitative research project design, screening and recruitment, project management services to our qualitative research platforms, applications and tools, our creative approach combined with our understanding of the latest technologies sets us apart from the competition.

In Person Qualitative Research Focus Groups Online Qualitative Research through Mobile Devices

Qualitative Approach

Our research project members are carefully selected and go through several layers of screening before they are considered.  We have an open line of communication with our panelists throughout the entire project. Panelists are treated with the utmost respect and assisted throughout the entire process. As a result we have highly qualified, engaged participants, successful projects and valuable insights.  We take the same approach when keeping our clients in the loop—we are in constant communication throughout the life of the project and will always be sure to keep you up to date on progress so you can be 100% confident your project is on track.

We offer several different services and tools depending on your qualitative research needs.  Please select your qualitative research project methodology here or contact us if you need assistance in coming up with the best research methodology.

In-person Qualitative

Online Qualitative