Accurate Data + Quicker Results = Better Insights + Faster Decisions

 Our Marketing Research Reporting & Analysis services, are fast, low-cost, and deliver visually appealing and engaging results.

With over 20 years’ experience across numerous consumer categories, we have earned an enviable reputation for innovation, quality work, timely delivery of results and perceptive, marketing-oriented analyses.  We recognize that marketing research efforts must be governed by decision-making needs concerning marketing and communication strategies and will work closely with you to make sure we understand your exact goals and objectives and tailor our reporting and analysis accordingly.

Analysis is directed at extracting pertinent information from the data; reporting focuses on major findings essential for the crucial marketing decisions facing management.

Whether your project is quantitative or qualitative in nature, we help your data come to life through innovative storytelling and a creative design process to ensure you get the best possible insights in a format that is easy to digest and fun to look at.

Our Reporting & Analysis Formula

Lightning Fast Delivery

We know you need your data back fast to help you make your important decisions as quickly as possible. Our research analysts start planning the research and analysis phase as soon as your project is initiated and start in on analysis planning the minute that data collection begins. The result is you get the data in your hands quicker to help you make your important brand or business decisions faster.

 Highest Standards in Data Quality

Don’t let poor data quality hurt your business decisions. Many marketing research companies out there have poor data quality checks and procedures. This is unacceptable. We set the highest possible standard in data quality and take special care to ensure your data is accurate. All reporting data is checked several times by multiple experienced research analysts to ensure your data is free of error.

 Excellence in Service

We don’t want you to have to wonder what’s happening with your project. We are in constant communication with you throughout your project’s life cycle and keep you updated on progress throughout the process so you know exactly where your project is at and when you can expect your report.

 Innovative Design Process

We know you want to get the answers you need without a lot of nonsense and in a format that is visually pleasing and easy to digest. We look at your project data with fresh eyes and take a creative design approach to the reporting and analysis process. We include images and custom graphics and charts along with video where appropriate to help the data tell its story—data doesn’t have to be boring  😀 

Analytical Tools and Capabilities

We translate statistical analyses into clear, easily understood graphical presentations. Several statistical tests and multivariate statistical procedures may be employed as needed during the course of analysis including cluster analysis, inter-dependence analyses such as correspondence analysis, breakouts of the data, and dependence methods such as correlations and multiple regressions as applicable to explore such things as drivers of channel choice, etc.  The major analytical tools are discussed below.

  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Derived Importance Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Quadrant Analysis
  • Tabular Statistical Analyses
  • Brand Elasticity Analysis
  • Price Elasticity Analysis
  • Match brand style guide or template
  • Slick infographic style reporting
  • Infographic Development
  • Custom Reporting Services (for PR/Marketing Campaigns)



Infographic – Catching Augmented Reality Fever With Pokémon Go



The VR (Virtual Reality) Consumer Sentiment Report – Infographic