Save valuable time and money through TSR’s “V-Room” Online Focus Group platform

Do you have a focus group or in-depth interview project you would like to field and don’t have the budget to incur hefty travel costs and facility fees? Have a project that requires speaking with low-incidence, hard to reach consumers?  Get the qualitative insights you need at low-cost without ever leaving the office.

“V-Room” is TSR’s online qualitative research platform and collaboration suite for conducting real time webcam enabled online focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability, and collaborative sessions. Through the “V-Room” online qualitative research platform moderators, observers and project participants gather online to have discussions and review stimuli via a group “whiteboard” all while seeing and hearing each other, just as they would in person, but through the use of webcams.

“V-Room” was designed keeping in mind the same experience and capabilities you would want to have while running a qualitative session at a traditional brick and mortar focus group facility.  “V-Room” replicates many of these features/capabilities and extends them through the use of the latest online qualitative research technology and tools.  “V-Room” allows you to reach respondents in their world.

Qualitative Collaboration

The V-Room makes it possible for participants to virtually participate in the qualitative research process and work collaboratively with each other and the moderator in real time.  Through the virtual suite it is easy to show stimuli of nearly any kind—images, video, product designs, brand messaging, and a variety of other creative stimuli.  Both moderators and participants can upload stimuli (determined by moderator). Importantly, the tool includes a whiteboard where participants can do collaborative mark-up with the tool set, free flow ideate, classify ideas, etc.

Online Qualitative Research Project Examples

While there are many different ways the V-Room tool can be utilized, below are a few common examples of the different projects you can run using the tool.

  • Online Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Collaboration and Co-Creation
  • Advertising, Concept, and Brand Testing
  • Website Usability and App Testing
  • TV Show Pilot and Video Testing
  • Website and Application Testing

Features and Capabilities

We offer a wide range of V-Room features and are constantly working on new innovative features and functionalities based on the needs of our clients.  Many of the “V-Room” features can be turned on/off depending on your project requirements.  

  • Up to 6 participants per session (excluding moderators and observers) 
  • Whiteboard – allows for presentation of Stimuli including images, video, concepts, advertisements, PowerPoints, etc. 
  • Participants can mark-up white board with text, image, video (color-coded)
  • Upload/Share Discussion Guide – progress is tracked/viewable to moderators & observers.
  • Video reporting automatically records and stores all data for quick access following the sessions. 
  • View participants via webcam
  • Moderator Specific Project Management Tools 
  • Upload discussion guide 
  • Participant Tech-Check’s
  • Unlimited Observers
  • Polling/Surveys 
  • Private Participant/Moderator Chat 
  • Private Observer/Moderator Chat 
  • Send to 3rd party website or url (for website/games review/testing). 
  • And many other features!

Service Levels/Offerings

Whether you would like us to handle all aspects of your online qualitative research project from participant recruitment through reporting analysis or would only like us to handle a few pieces—we have you covered!  Optional V-Room services include:

  • Participant Recruitment
  • Screener Development
  • Discussion Guide Development
  • Project Setup and Support
  • Project Management
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Moderation
  • Training
  • Reporting & Analysis



V-Room Online Focus Groups and Qualitative Research made Easy


V-Room Online Focus Group Concept Test and Whiteboard


V-Room Online Focus Group Quick Poll


V-Room Online Focus Group Video Ad Test