Finished fielding your online survey and ready to crunch the data?  Our data tabulation & coding team is here to help!  We offer a range of data processing services to meet your specific research needs and have over 10+ years’ experience in data processing software including SPSS, WinCross, and more! 

You can count on our data processing services to be:


It’s never been more important to get your data back fast so you can make the key decisions you need for your brand or business.  We have an extremely fast turnaround time even on complex tabbing and coding situations.


The business decisions you make are extremely important and can have big cost implications for your brand or business.  We have extremely thorough data processing QA procedures to ensure you make the right decisions.  All data processing work is manually checked by a minimum of 2 research analysts to ensure you data is free of error.

  Low Cost

Don’t settle for expensive, low quality data processing work.  Our tabulation and coding costs are very competitive and our data quality track QA process and quality standards are unbeatable.

  Advanced & Custom

Sometimes you may have a project that requires very complex tables, coding and processing.  Our research analysts are experts in producing and checking highly complex tab-sets, concept banners, and coding requests.

Cross Tabulation

  • Simple and complex nested cross tabulations
  • Calculate base counts and frequencies 
  • Stub and banner tables, row and column percents, marginals 
  • Sample balancing and weighting
  • Full banner tabulation of all complexities 
  • Special cross-tabs 
  • Concept banners/complex summary banners
  • Full stub/question processing, nets (i.e. top-2 box) netting of rows and horizontal and vertical percentaging
  • Statistical testing, including t-test, z-test, ANOVA and Chi-Square, confidence intervals
  • Weighting (banner points or entire data set), sorting, etc.
  • Output Formats: Microsoft Word, RTF, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint (Charts), XML, Triple-S, ASCII, and more

Open-end Coding

  • Verbatim
  • Open-end Coding/code structure development 
  • Other lists coded 
  • Word clouds 
  • Text Analytics

*Clients who work with us on their online survey or community panel project will also gain access to our online survey reporting portal where you can view your survey data in real time and run your own cross-tabs, view open-end responses, and view reports.  We can also create custom reports for you that are available to you in the portal during project fielding.

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