Beautiful, Interactive, and Complex Survey Programming Capabilities

Have an online or mobile survey project that you need to get out the door ASAP?  We have you covered.

Our team of advanced survey programmers have programming in the online and mobile space since the beginning.  We are one of most experienced and advanced online and mobile survey research firms and offer exceptional programming expertise—second to none.

Leveraging all of the latest and greatest technologies, we ensure your survey is as engaging and interactive as possible for your participants on the front end while maintaining the highest levels of quality and perfection in back-end end coding, logic, and quota work.

We know you have tight deadlines and need things done fast—we offer lightning fast turnaround speeds without sacrificing data quality and survey experience.

We can program on virtually any survey platform and have never had a question type we could not include or custom build to satisfy our clients needs.

Advanced Survey Programming Techniques

  • Complex survey logic capabilities
    • Skips, rotations, branching patterns
    • Piping prior question responses 
    • Random attribute presentation
    • Random block rotations of question/concept groups, etc. 
    • Algebraic logic 
    • Comprehensive Boolean skip and branching logic 
    • Hidden skip logic, variable piping, etc. 
    • Random or systematic rotation 
    • Single-response and multiple-response controls 
    • Range/mathematical checks
  • Quality Controls
    • Error trapping and forced answering 
    • Digital Fingerprinting 
    • IP Checks 
    • Straightlining Prevention 
    • Human Review 
    • Prevent backing up/skipping 
    • Honeypot 
    • Captcha 
    • Social Media Account Verification
  • Real Time Reporting & Dashboards 
  • Complex Data Tabulation & Open End Coding
  • Conjoint Analysis 
  • Mutli-Lingual Surveys & Translation
  • Interactive Media Capabilities
    • Secure Streaming Video with Player Controls
    • Image Protection 
    • Embedding External Content 
    • Animations 
    • Animatics
  • API Integration 
  • Geolocation
  • Support for Many Programming Languages
    • HTML/HTML5 
    • Javascript 
    • jQuery
    • Flash
  • Website Surveys (banner, pop-link, nth visitor) 
  • Customer Database Surveys Unique or Personalized Survey URL’s
  • QR Codes
  • Quant/Qual Hybrid Surveys


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