Our Kids & Families Online Research Panel & Community is comprised of preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens, moms and dads helps improve the quality of research findings, provides cost-savings and fast, efficient decision-making support. Our management maintains a focus on the members to help keep the community panel exciting, relevant, and involving to the members resulting in more engaged and responsive research participants.

We are experienced and sensitive to the special needs and considerations of moms, kids, teens, etc. and adept at maintaining that important interest and active involvement. In all our communication, we strive to ensure that the children and their parents feel that they are part of a valuable and meaningful process and that their opinions do count.

The panel has over 50,000 highly profiled moms and children (ranging in age from preschool through tweens). The panel reflects current American children demographics with 60% Caucasian, 15% African American, 17% Hispanic and 6% Asian. The panel is balanced by the four major US Census regions and rural, suburban and urban Census classifications.

In addition to sample for quantitative studies, we offer the cost-efficient option of an Access Community Panel to our clients. With this service, our clients gain access to a subgroup of TSR’s Kids & Family Community Panel with which they can conduct ad-hoc, ongoing quantitative and qualitative marketing research for a limited period. This option provides the benefits of a custom Community Panel or Insight Community for your one-off projects or research programs of limited duration without the major investment in time and resources to develop a custom Community Panel. Client branding may be provided in survey templates and community features such as discussion forums. A subgroup of our Kids & Families members are screened and profiled to meet your specifications.

Our services in this regard will help provide a direct connection between the client and the target consumer, providing a source for consumer insights that inspires and shapes strategy through state-of-the-art online quantitative research capabilities and community tools.

Leading-Edge Online Research Panels & Communities

Our Kids & Family Community Panel includes a full array of advanced panel and insight community features such as discussion boards, blogs, chat and more, which may be easily implemented on a project-specific basis for our clients utilizing our community access services. With this option, we screen and profile your target consumers from our extensive community to participate in your research activities on a short-term basis without the large, up-front investment of a custom community. This “Instant Insight Community” can run from one or two weeks up to a few months. This service provides brands and researchers with an exciting opportunity to dive deep into the minds of consumers. Participants discuss and share their thoughts and experiences while moderators (your own or we can provide) interact with respondents, probing their thoughts and gleaning insights.

Because participation is private and anonymous for respondents, the process facilitates more open and honest responses, which provide richer, more expressive data. This is an especially useful medium for gaining in-depth insights with moms, kids and teens.


Kids & Family Community Panel Info

50,000+ Households


Nationally Representative


Reflects Current American Child Demographic


Highly Profiled


Parental Consent Completed


COPPA Compliant


Kids & Family Community Panel Info

Preschoolers (Age 2-6)

Tweens (Age 7-12)

Teens (Age 13-17)

Young Adults (Age 18-34)

Moms & Dads

The following online community tools are available through Kids & Families Instant Access Community Panel Services:

  • Online Discussion Boards 
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Video Diaries & Blogs
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Quick Polls
  • Online Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s)
  • Online Blog Diaries, Journals, and Activities
  • Video Blogging, Video Diaries
  • Online Chat Focus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups & IDIs
  • Mobile Qualitative Research
  • Image Sharing & Galleries
  • Member Upload/Download Area (images, video, music, docs)
  • Hybrid Qual-Quant Capabilities
  • In-Person Focus Group, IDI’s, Usability Testing & Recruitment
  • Mobile App & Game Testing

Privacy & Other Considerations

The safety and privacy of children and their families is of paramount importance. We adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding research with children and protect the privacy and other rights of all participants in our research projects. We comply with all the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA). In online research, as with all other forms of research, we govern our actions by the highest standards.

NOTE: Laws and regulations in this area and legal opinion/interpretation evolve and change; we adapt our services accordingly.