About iGamelab

iGameLab is an exclusive private online community of young people (and parents) who play online and mobile games and apps on various devices. Members come together to share their opinions about games and apps: what they like, what they don’t, what they would like to see in the future. iGameLab is also the place where select members give their feedback and opinions on various beta games and apps that they are invited to play.

iGamelab members are pre-screened and qualified as users of select devices and platforms such as iOS and Android and profiled on gaming and app usage.

Several independent sub-group communities exist within the overall game/apps testing platform encompassing kids, teens and young adults and parents.

 iGamelab Online & Mobile Games & Apps Beta Tester Platform


How it Works

Through the iGamelab platform, we are able to deploy your Online or Mobile Game/App build to your target Beta Testers (e.g. Kids Age 6-12 who play games and apps on their iPhone), Testers receive and play the game or app on the required device (e.g. iPhone), and share their opinions/feedback about the app within the private iGamelab online community discussion boards and surveys. You, your internal clients, and developers are able to receive and view all incoming qualitative and quantitative data in real time and make the needed adjustments to your app or game.

  • Identify Your Target Testers
  • Game/App is Deployed to Testers
  • Testers Play Game/App During the Beta Test Period (1-2 weeks, 1 month, etc.)
  • Testers share feedback via discussion boards and online surveys
  • You receive all feedback in real time
  • Your developers make needed app changes/adjusted, fix bugs
  • Release app to market


How it works: iGamelab Mobile App Beta Tester Platform


Mobile App Analytics Integration

For Mobile Games & App tester projects, iGameLab is linked with an industry leading beta testing service for mobile developers and managers where the beta app can be installed. iGameLab testers already have their account setup on the platform so once the build has been uploaded it is a simple process to invite the testers who meet your target qualifications.

Through this integration your developers can have complete tracking of the app, analyze usage through that tool as well as gain insights through your apps iGameLab forum discussions, surveys and other feedback. From there necessary modifications can be made to the app to help ensure a successful launch.


iGamelab Mobile Apps & Games Beta Tester Research Platform

iGamelab Gets You The Insights You Need To Help Make Your App A Success

  • Test and improve your Mobile Games, Apps, and Websites before going live or releasing to the App Store
  • Avoid negative App store ratings and reviews by catching bugs and glitches before releasing your App
  • Save precious development time and money and getting things right the first time
  • Increase your app downloads and revenue by releasing quality apps free of bugs or glitches
  • Uncover desired or unwanted features by listening to your Beta Tester’s opinions
  • Create Loyal and Happy Users and Fan Base by listening to their opinions and giving them what they want!