Infographic – The New Reality of Virtual Reality (VR) and the Potential with Youth

VR has been around for many years but, disappointingly, has failed to live up to its own expectations.  With new groundbreaking, non-nausea-inducing devices and amazing immersive software starting to be developed, VR’s moment for consumer products may finally have arrived.  Major VR companies are preparing to launch VR headsets that make VR real for the consumer in 2015/2016—will they succeed with the kids and teens?

TSR conducted an online survey with n=500 Kids and Teens age 10-17 across the U.S. via our Youth and Family research panel to see what they had to say about VR.  Kids were first asked about VR technology and then exposed to the current state of Virtual Reality through images, videos, and text and then asked their opinions.  Check out the results in our infographic below…


Kids & Teens Virtual Reality (VR) Infographic


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Tech-savvy Researcher Spin

We at Touchstone Research are predicting that VR will be the next disruptive technology platform to hit the market.  Similar to how smartphones/tablets and social media changed the world we live in we feel that virtual reality has the same potential to be disruptive if not even more so.

Interestingly, we feel both mobile devices and social media will play a major role in pushing VR forward as technology companies develop VR platforms compatible with mobile devices and VR adds yet another layer to social experiences.  With major developments like Google’s VR headset platform “Google Cardboard” and Facebook’s massive investment in Oculus Rift—there is no doubt that the disruption is just around the corner.

VR will likely impact every major industry including gaming, education, healthcare, fitness, ecommerce, social, mobile, entertainment, technology and travel to name a few.

In addition, we feel that VR will have a significant impact on the market research and consumer insights space—think about what it would be like to conduct a focus group in a virtual environment without ever leaving the office, conducting concept test, ad-tests or study shopping behavior all within a virtual space, streaming your pilot tv show, movie or ad all within a virtual cinema—the possibilities are endless!

One thing is for sure, VR is certainly something that should not be ignored.


US Sample of 500 kids ages 10-17, drawn to provide even distribution across the ages, 50/50 B/G and nationally representative on the basis of US Census region and ethnicity for kids this age


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