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February 2023

Go Beyond the Shopper’s Point of View: The Benefits of In-Person Shop-Alongs

By Consumer Behavior, In-Person Qualitative Research, In-Person Research, Market Research, Moderation, Multisensory research, Observational research, Qualitative Fieldwork, Qualitative Recruitment, Qualitative Research, Reporting & Analysis, Touchstone Research

  Do you ever wonder what goes through shoppers’ minds or what they see or do not see when shopping for your product? Let’s talk about how your business can benefit from In-person Shop-Alongs, including the advantages and the best times to consider using them! One question that may stump some researchers is “Why should I spend the time and…

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Travis Santa Selected as Board Chair on CIRQ Board of Directors

Travis Santa Selected as Board Chair on CIRQ Board of Directors

By CIRQ, Consumer Insights, Data Quality, Insights Association, Market Research, Market Research Industry News, Touchstone Research

We are thrilled to announce that Travis Santa, TSR’s Vice President and Security Officer, has been selected as Board Chair for the Certification Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ). CIRQ, a subsidiary of the Insights Association, is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) audit and certification body that certifies to ISO27001 (international standards to manage information security) and ISO20252 (market, opinion,…

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Touchstone Research kidSAFE+ COPPA Seal

Touchstone Research Receives kidSAFE+ COPPA Certification

By Child Research, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Market Research, Touchstone Research

We are thrilled to announce that, for the 7th consecutive year, Touchstone Research has received the kidSAFE+ COPPA Certified Seal for their Youth & Family research community, Panelpolls.  As a kidSAFE+ COPPA Certified company, we have undergone a thorough review of PanelPolls to ensure that it meets the highest standards for child safety and protection and follows Children’s Online Privacy…

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Measuring Attribute Importance A comparison of 8 scaling techniques and when to use them - Figure 1: Types of scaling techniques

Measuring Attribute Importance: A Comparison of 8 Scaling Techniques and When to Use Them [White Paper]

By Advanced Analytics, Advanced Statistical Methods, Constant Sum, Likert Ratings, Magnitude Estimation, Market Research, Maximum Difference (MaxDiff), Paired Comparisons, Q-sort, Quantitative Research, Rank Order, Reporting & Analysis, Scaling Techniques, Touchstone Research, Touchstone Staff, Unbounded Ratings, White Paper

Like many other types of survey research, one of the main objectives of consumer research (and more generally, market research) is to map the human decision-making process. More specifically, it aims to understand what the most important considerations are when making a purchase so that products and services can be tailored to attract the largest number of potential consumers1. Over…

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