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Virtually Seamless: How to Conduct Remote In-Headset VR Usability Research

Virtually Seamless: How to Conduct Remote In-Headset VR Usability Research

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As the VR landscape continues to widen for both functional and recreational use cases, understanding user experience in VR is growing increasingly vital. Using a VR headset, while becoming more widespread, is still a new experience for many consumers, making first impressions and experiences critical in determining user trajectory for VR apps and devices. The pool of VR headset owners…

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Touchstone Research Promotes Sara Sidlowski to Senior Project Director

Touchstone Research Promotes Sara Sidlowski to Senior Project Director

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Connecticut – July 6, 2023 – Touchstone Research announced today that Sara Sidlowski has been promoted to Senior Project Director on TSR’s Qualitative Recruitment research division. In her new role, Sara will serve as a senior leader on TSR’s qualitative and recruitment project management teams as well as continue to support TSR’s core technology, media and entertainment, and youth and…

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Oculus Go - Touchstone VR

We used Virtual Reality in our office, and you should too

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As one of the most experienced research firms focused on embracing new consumer technologies, our employees need to do more than talk the talk.  They need to walk the technology walk too! Recently, we were surprised to discover that some of our newest hires had never experienced virtual reality (VR) – a technology that Touchstone Research is very passionate about. …

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Now Hiring! Fall Market Research Interns!

We are hiring! Market Research Internship – Fall 2018

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Exciting opportunity to join a fast growing, dynamic and innovative marketing research firm specializing in technology fueled digital research solutions. We work with some of the world’s brands, marketers and agencies.  We have special expertise in the Media & Entertainment, Kids & Families, Technology and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Industries. We seek a highly a motivated individual interested in…

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Augmented Reality Market Research

Touchstone Research leverages augmented reality capabilities to enhance market research services

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By layering computer-generated elements over a real-time image of a user’s surroundings, augmented reality (AR) technology blends the digital with the real world.   AR’s biggest advantage over virtual reality is its accessibility.  From Snapchat to the NFL’s first-down line, AR already has a wide range of applications across industries. It’s no surprise that AR apps are taking the gaming industry…

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Beatrice Capestany, Senior Research Analyst, Touchstone Research

Touchstone Research Consumer Insights Firm Adds Beatrice Capestany

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Connecticut – July 10th, 2018 – Touchstone Research announced today that Beatrice Capestany has joined the firm as Senior Research Analyst.  In this role, Capestany will execute a wide range of next gen quantitative and qualitative research studies and oversee Touchstone’s advanced research technologies and methodologies and development of new tools and applications. Prior to working at Touchstone, Beatrice held a post-doctoral…

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Youth marketing: 12 Companies Working on AR Technology for Kids

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Kids are always interested in the latest and greatest thing, that’s why they are often the early adopters of new technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have seen a lot of development recently, and several companies are wisely looking into ways to utilize this technology in a way that’s appealing to kids. What a lot of companies are trying to…

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8 Augmented Reality Headsets That Have Users and Non-Users Excited

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List updated on 9/27/2016 It seems like only yesterday that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were nothing more than science fiction; a pipe dream of tech enthusiast which people thought would never pan out. Today, Virtual Reality has reached impressive levels which have shattered the simple dreams of the science fiction era; and Augmented Reality is becoming so common place…

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