Elevating Standards: Touchstone Research Receives Sentry Certified Quality Seal

Touchstone Research Receives Sentry Certified Quality Seal

We are excited to share some fantastic news that underscores our commitment to delivering the highest quality data and insights to our clients. Touchstone Research has recently been awarded the Sentry Certified Quality Seal! This is a recognition of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in data quality and integrity, and is a result of our partnership with CloudResearch.

What This Means for You:

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Our partnership ensures that our clients can benefit from Sentry’s multi-level behavioral vetting system, adding an additional layer of security and accuracy to our research.
  • Commitment to Excellence: This certification is a testament to our ongoing efforts to combat fraud, inattentive respondents, and maintain the integrity of our research.
  • Peace of Mind: With this certification, you can be confident that our data quality processes are among the best in the industry, backed by the rigorous standards of the Sentry system.
  • ChatGPT Protection:  The Sentry system is one of the only tools available that protects against Gen AI/ChatGPT responses.

Available for Your Surveys: We are pleased to offer Sentry’s advanced data quality measures as an additional solution for your research needs.

Contact Us today to learn how our enhanced data quality measures can benefit your research projects and ensure the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.