Touchstone Research leverages augmented reality capabilities to enhance market research services

Augmented Reality Market Research

By layering computer-generated elements over a real-time image of a user’s surroundings, augmented reality (AR) technology blends the digital with the real world.   AR’s biggest advantage over virtual reality is its accessibility.  From Snapchat to the NFL’s first-down line, AR already has a wide range of applications across industries.

It’s no surprise that AR apps are taking the gaming industry by storm, because all that’s needed to play is within arm’s reach – a smartphone.  

Disney, Lego, Toys “R” US and many other brands have taken a leaf out of Pokémon Go’s book and developed their own AR games.  Other apps, like Complete Anatomy and Star Chart, use AR technology to enhance children’s education – a space that’s on track to generate $700 million annually by 2025.

Touchstone’s Augmented Reality app & game research capabilities  

Touchstone Research is pioneering market research in augmented reality applications.  We help companies gain actionable market insights – fueled by our extensive experience in the Kids & Families marketing research space.

Touchstone Research applies proven qualitative and quantitative research methods to innovative new technologies through a variety of methods, including through our iGameLab.  With real-time user feedback, Touchstone can generate client-specific reports to better understand components of the user experience, including:

  • Children’s behavior when interacting with AR technology, such as:
    • The usability of the technology/app
    • Where users actually touch the device or the options they select
    • When the app is used
    • How long they interact with the technology/app
    • How frequently they return to the technology/app
    • Glitches/bugs in the system
  • Children’s reactions to the technology:
    • What they like & dislike
    • What they would change to make it better
  • Parent’s reactions to the technology:
    • To what extent they approve/disapprove
    • Net Promoter Score, or, if they would recommend it to other parents

Our clients can translate these insights into action-driven plans to better meet customer needs and advance their business goals.  We have seen clients adjust product offerings, content messaging and consumer targeting based on feedback and data we have uncovered.  This market data is invaluable in helping companies avoid applications that are simply a novelty and, instead, generate valuable AR content that sticks. 

If you are interested in conducting market research in the Augmented Reality space to gain insights like these, don’t hesitate to contact us!