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November 2012

The Tech-Savvy Shopper – Millennials using Smart Phones to find the Best Deals

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It is Thanksgiving eve. I stand daydreaming in a long line at the grocery store, and am suddenly yanked from my pre-holiday reverie when I notice the person being checked out is playing with his phone. His phone! In line! Egregious. Inconsiderate. Unacceptably rude to hold up a line because you can’t put your phone away.  But just before I…

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Kids, Teens, and Social Media

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Here is the second part of a study we conducted with Nickelodeon & Insight Research Group that was featured in Nickeldeon’s Kaleidoscope in Kidscreen™ magazine. The topic of this study was “Kids, Teens, and Social Media”. It’s commonly accepted that the presence of social media has exploded online in the last few years and has quickly become a fixture in…

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