Touchstone Research Expands Youth & Family Qualitative Services to National Level

Touchstone Research, Inc. is celebrating a significant expansion of its Youth & Family qualitative in-person and online services to cover key geographic regions across the United States. 

Touchstone has been recruiting and managing Kids and Families qualitative research projects for over 20 years, specializing in preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens, young adults, millennials and parents for in-person and online qualitative research.  The company’s recent expansion will greatly enhance their ability to provide services to Youth and Family focused companies and brands in any geographical location across the US.  

“Touchstone Research fills a very important niche in the qualitative research space and that is finding and recruiting hard to reach audiences such as children, teens, millennials and parents.  We have always provided qualitative services on the East and West and will continue to do so, however, as the scope and types of projects our clients conduct has evolved we decided it was time to increase our reach to a national level in order to provide more market options and support for large scale multi-region projects.  We are super excited about today’s announcement and are looking forward to providing our expanded services to existing clients and working with new Kids & Family clients across the country.” Travis Santa, Director of Operations, Touchstone Research, Inc.

Touchstone offers project management and recruitment services for a number of in-person project types including focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs), website, games, and mobile Usability Testing (UX), Immersion sessions, friendship pairs, DYADS, and TRIADS, in-home projects/parties, TV Show pilot tests, Movie Screening sessions, and other custom project types.  Touchstone’s online qualitative research services include project management and recruitment as well as research platform solutions including online discussion boards, focus groups, diary projects, IHUT’s, mobile ethnography, insight communities and more.

About Touchstone Research

Touchstone Research, Inc. is a technology driven market research firm offering next gen online quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies.  Touchstone has over 15 years’ experience in building and managing custom online research panels and insight communities, digital research, and Kids and Families research  We are known for innovation, leading-edge technical solutions and excellence in customer service and product delivery. Our belief is that marketing research must be as fast-moving, dynamic and ever changing as is today’s consumer-centric tech-world: it is important to embrace new consumer technologies and include them as tools and methodologies so that we can reach people and communicate with them in new and more relevant ways leading to greater insights and understandings. In ancient times, alchemists used a special stone – known as a touchstone – as a standard to grade the purities of precious metals such as gold and silver–Touchstone Research, Inc. sets the standard for excellence in marketing research and customer service.




Media Contact


Travis Santa


Director of Operations, Touchstone Research, Inc.


[email protected]


Mobile: 860-335-2795



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