Infographic: Future of VR in Marketing

Virtual Reality has great potential in positively influencing the Marketing world. Well-known companies including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft investing in VR has caused a rise in awareness due to their large audience base. Some brands have already incorporated VR into their marketing campaigns. Clothing retailer, Topshop, created a campaign that virtually transported users in their UK-based flagship store to the runway at London Fashion Week. The majority of VR marketing initiatives are low-cost while being highly engaging, and most only require a smartphone, which puts the campaign directly into the user’s hands. Finally, the relationship between VR and gaming will be huge and will create another large audience where the next frontier of marketing can take place. Virtual Reality presents a unique opportunity to immerse consumers in marketing campaigns like never before, engaging them in a whole new way which will likely lead to a more successful campaign.

Below is the full infographic by Myles Brock, The Digital Marketing Bureau:

VR Marketing

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