Infographic – The Reality of VR and AR

People think of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as a new, exciting, innovative technology, so new that most people don’t know much about the industry or what its future may hold. However it is projected that by 2020, the VR/AR industry will be worth $150 billion.

Gaming is expected to be a major player in the Virtual Reality industry; however there are many more areas of opportunity for this exciting new technology.  Aside from gaming, various companies are beginning to find new out-of-the box ways to incorporate VR into the lifestyles of their consumers. Take hotel giant Marriott who now offers “VRoom Service,” allowing its guests to travel the world through Virtual Reality in the comfort of their hotel room. Marriott is just one big name looking into VR and AR right now. Some other big names looking to explore potential applications of this technology are: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Sony, Samsung, GoPro, Google, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and many more. To think this is just the beginning for Virtual Reality; 2016 will be a crucial year to see what directions VR and AR will take next!

Below is the full infographic by Manatt Digital Media

The reality of VR and AR

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