Infographic: Sectors Using Virtual Reality

When people think of Virtual Reality, they often think of VR primarily as a platform for gaming. However VR can actually serve a myriad of purposes and is currently being utilized by several industries. City planning and architecture, are one such example. VR simplifies the act of envisioning what a new building would look like in a particular location, it can also yield better insight on what a new build’s interior would look like. Think about sports and having the opportunity to watch a football game from a player’s point of view. VR can even provide researchers with crucial information about places that can’t be seen otherwise, such as a shipwreck that is below the depths a human could reach. Tourism in VR is also an area of interest to many; imagine being able to take a tour of a new destination before deciding where to go on vacation. The rise of VR in 2016 and beyond will prove helpful to many industries and will be equally as interesting for people who use virtual reality for personal enjoyment.

Below is the full infographic by Raconteur

Sectors using virtual reality

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