Infographic – Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Virtual Reality is well known for its place in the media with gaming and movie viewing; but what about in the workplace? As it turns out, introducing VR and AR to the office has more benefits than one would think. There is a wealth of opportunity for employee training techniques. For example, role playing a safety training scenario in virtual reality; which presents an opportunity to give someone training on a realistic scenario, without any of the danger. Introducing a virtual workplace will increase productivity allowing clients and colleagues to meet in one virtual workplace, which will allow virtual collaboration on any project at hand. Concept testing can even be done in the virtual world to save time and resources. Virtual Reality is projected to see a 200% growth over the next 3 years, which equates to 25 million users. Given these numbers more companies are sure to familiarize themselves with this new technology, and think of possible ways to integrate it into their organizations.

Below is the full infographic by PGi and Column Five

Workplace infographic

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