Infographic: How VR and AR Will Change the Way We Shop

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have altered the landscape of several industries including: the military, medicine, entertainment, education, and more. Brands such as Land Rover, Boeing, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, Lego, and more, are capitalizing on this and have incorporated VR and AR into their business. 66% of consumers say they are interested in shopping in Virtual Reality, which spans across every generation from the teens of Gen Z all the way to Baby Boomers. Shopping in VR would give consumers the opportunity to view products in real size and form prior to purchase. The majority of consumers believe that use of a virtual furniture app, virtual dressing room, shoe sampler app, and color changing app would increase the likelihood of purchasing a product. AR apps are easily accessible and are beneficial to consumers for better understanding their purchases. Products can be seen in real size, which furniture retailer IKEA has implemented in their mobile app, and specific products can be experimented with; which make-up retailer Sephora allows consumers to do in a photo. Various additional apps can be used in-store to provide consumers with additional product info that they might not otherwise know at that point. With all the benefits VR and AR implementation in retail seems to have, it won’t be long before more brands adopt VR and AR in order to stay relevant.

Below is the full infographic by Maven E-Commerce:

Shopping infographic

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