Infographic: Consumer Awareness of VR

New VR devices are being released more often now than ever from widely known companies including Google, Samsung, Mattel, and more. Despite the recent surge in VR devices, nearly 60% of people are still not aware of Virtual Reality and only 8% of people have tried Virtual Reality. The majority of those who are aware of VR range in age from 16 to 35 years old. Virtual Reality serves many different purposes, ranging from entertainment to education and beyond. Consumers are most interested in experiencing movies and video games in VR; and are less interested in using VR for education and sports purposes at the moment. The majority of those who have tried VR so far are impressed with what they have seen; and as the popularity and notoriety of VR grows, the number of potential applications will grow with it. VR is an exciting new technology with potential that extends well beyond entertainment and gaming; and as it becomes more popular we will begin to see what this technology is truly capable of.

Below is the full infographic by Future Source Consulting:

Consumer Awareness

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