Infographic: Augmented Reality in 2016

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were expected to boom in 2016. With a variety of new AR and VR games and devices hitting the market this year, more people were using this new technology this year than ever before. AR became reachable to all ages when Pokémon Go hit the app store this summer. This record-breaking app has been downloaded…

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Infographic – The History and Future of Augmented Reality

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Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not immerse its user into a new environment; it enhances one’s reality by overlaying digital information onto things being viewed on a digital device. Though AR is rising in popularity in 2016, variations of it have been around since 1957 with Mortin Helig’s Sensorama machine as one such example. In 1999, the ARToolKit was…

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