360 View of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been all around us since the first panoramic paintings in 12th Century China. Today we can see it used in virtual and augmented reality apps like Pokémon Go, which allows players to catch digital monsters in real settings. According to this infographic created by Couponbox.com, we have a lot of innovative and interesting technology headed our way.

Huge, influential companies like YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Apple have been investing in virtual reality technologies for years, which is a good indication that it’s here to stay. And as VR becomes more prominent and well-known, prices for PCs, consoles, and head-mounted displays become more affordable. Sony’s PlayStation VR is available for $499, and Google Cardboard is just $15. In 2017, head-mounted display sales are expected to reach $3.990 billion, a huge increase from $2.984 in 2016. VR software sales are also expected to rise in 2017, increasing from $1.085 billion in 2016 to $2.574 billion in 2017.

As the virtual reality industry is only expected to increase in the future, it’s worth asking: How will it change our lives? Right now, VR finds its way into our lives through games and apps, but in the future it will open the doors to places we’ve never been. With virtual reality technology, humans will be able to attend important events across the globe without even leaving their living rooms. VR can be used for training and tutorials for industries like mining, where it’s hard to provide hands-on experiences. VR can even be used to visit far-off places around the world—places we’ve only dreamed of going.

There is so much potential in virtual reality, and so far we’ve only seen a small fraction of it. If the future means increased technology, it also means increased potential for adventures.

Below is the full infographic by CouponBox.com: