Tech Checks: How to Conduct a Qualitative Research Case Study

In the world of virtual research, proper pre-session preparation is essential to running a successful qualitative research study. One of the best ways to set both researchers and research participants up for success is through pre-session technology checks, commonly known as “Tech Checks”.

What are tech checks?

Tech checks are 5–15-minute pre-session meetings between a researcher (or tech support staff) and research participant where all technology utilized during the session (e.g. camera, microphone, internet connection, screensharing, etc.) is tested and any issues are troubleshooted and resolved prior to the session.

Benefits of Qualitative Research Tech Checks

Tech checks are vital to the success of any virtual qualitative research study session because they allow the moderator to put all of their effort into moderating and gaining vital insights vs. troubleshooting tech issues which eats into session time.  In the event tech issues do pop-up during the session, Touchstone has a team of dedicated support staff to jump in quickly and assist as needed.

In addition to ensuring all devices/technology are working properly, qualitative research tech checks also allow a researcher to:

  • Build rapport with participants prior to the session.
  • Ensure that participants are located in an ideal setting for research—with the appropriate lighting and free from distractions or background noise.

Virtual Research at Touchstone

Touchstone is your go-to firm for supporting and managing tech checks in research studies. We have been conducting this method of research with kids (as young as preschoolers), teens and adults for over 10 years.  We have re-created the traditional in-person testing center in a virtual setting, allowing our clients to reach populations who might otherwise be unavailable, and at a much lower cost.  Through this experience we have perfected the participant onboarding and tech check process—creating a smooth session experience for both moderator and participant.

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