Infographic – What’s Next for Virtual Reality?

It is obvious that Virtual Reality is shaping the world of entertainment; but VR developers have more broad goals, which are determined to shape our lives in greater ways and in a variety of sectors including: education, tourism, construction, social networking, research and more. Timefire Media is in the midst of developing a Virtual Reality City that allows users to go about their daily lives in a virtual world—use a virtual smartphone, play virtual outdoor activities, attend a virtual school, etc. Similarly, vTime is a virtual social network app which is currently available for Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. In vTime, users create an avatar and the app lets users meet and interact with anyone across the globe. In years to come, VR cinemas and arcades will become commonplace. Currently, one theater in Amsterdam is testing this out; providing their guests with a VR headset, headphones, and chairs that can rotate 360 degrees, for a truly one of a kind experience. Virtual Reality is a technology which is not intended for just one sector, such as gaming or entertainment, but rather is a technology with the potential for universal applications; who knows what aspects of our lives will be improved by VR technology in the years to come.

Below is the infographic by Futurism:

Next Big Thing in Virtual Reality

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