Infographic – Virtual Reality Trending in 2017

2017 is expected to be a turning point for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The PlayStation VR, as well as a variety of other VR devices, made their debut last year and since, have given consumers insight as to all that VR has to offer. As of 2016, one third of consumers found the concept of VR to be “very appealing.” Right now, the PlayStation VR is the number one device being considered by consumers who are thinking about buying a VR device within the next 12 months; 40% of consumers prefer PC headsets, 26% for the Oculus Rift, and 14% for the HTC Vive. Virtual Reality has already made progress in a variety of industries and is continuing to pave its way into many more. Leading Edge Consumers anticipate VR to continue to make its mark in education, design, and communication.

Although Virtual Reality is looked at in a positive light by many, there are still some major barriers that the industry has to face. 73% of consumers stated that price of VR headsets was a drawback, 61% have safety concerns about using VR outside the home, 44% worry about VR excluding others from sharing the experience, and 33% of consumers have concerns about motion sickness.

Nevertheless, Virtual Reality is still continuing to grow and improve. Developers are always trying to enhance the consumer experience through its implementation in shopping, healthcare, travel, and beyond.


Below is the full infographic by GfK:

Virtual Reality Trending Infographic