Infographic: Choosing a VR Device

With a variety of Virtual Reality devices now on the market, there are many different aspects a potential buyer should consider before making a purchase, including cost, reliability, and the devices that each supports. Some of the more well-known VR devices include the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR. The Google Cardboard supports a wide variety of smartphones and comes at a very low cost, making the VR experience attainable to most audiences. However, it is not a reliable device that will last long-term and can be uncomfortable if used for an extended period of time. The Samsung Gear VR is a much more reliable VR device made with higher-quality materials and added technology. This device, being much more premium than the Google Cardboard, does come at a higher price point and is only compatible with select Samsung smartphones. The ZEISS VR ONE is a lesser-known VR headset that is currently available for purchase. The VR ONE features high-quality lenses, offering an optimal viewing experience and does come at a higher cost for the higher quality. This device is only compatible with small sized smartphones, which may be difficult for some that are considering purchasing. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s best to brush up on the differences in each of the devices available before hitting the stores to purchase!

Below is the full infographic by Intugame: