Facebook developing Like’s cousin, the Want Button

By July 13, 2012Social Media

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Everyone’s favorite online button to push is about to get some competition. Rumors abound of a new facebook capability that will allow users to “Want” as easily as they “Like” through use of a new plug-in.

Relax hardcore facebookers, we know that a similar button already exists, however only for certain pages that require you to authorize a third party app (and who has time for that?!) This new plug-in will be as easy to use as the ubiquitous Like button. But hands off, political campaigns and celebrities, the new button will be exclusively for product pages, according to research-live.com.

The implications are multi-faceted.

The user will not only be able to express to their online social circle what they like, but also what they want, displaying digitally yet another aspect of personality to the people who matter (yes, I am cooler because I want the new Jordan Spizike iD’s, and now you will know it). Even better, of course, is the opportunity to express to boyfriends or girlfriends or dad or Aunt Cassidy what they should buy you!

For the marketer, it has the potential to be a groundbreaking research tool. Effectiveness of facebook advertising has come under fire as of late with regard to its value as a publicly traded company. The most provocative results of limited study show that Like-ing a product or company does not necessarily link to patronage. Now, I’m no psychologist, but even I know that want is a stronger emotion than like. Consumer behavior may be no exception. What more subtle a way for a marketer to count cards than to have a billion online Christmas lists available to steer their focus?

While Facebook has declined comment, the plug-in is being actively developed (according to mashable.com). And why not? An industry-consumer win-win might be exactly what the newly public company needs to prove their market value, and for us to tell the world whether xbox or playstation will be getting a portion of our next paycheck.

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