Infographic – What You May Not Have Known About Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is easily accessible for anyone who owns a computer with a webcam, camera phone, or game console with a camera. Currently, AR is making strides in industries including architecture, marketing, healthcare, military, retail, and tourism. AR enhances the shopping experience by assisting customers finding items in the store, displaying product reviews, and generating 3D models of rooms and furniture making it easier for consumers to visualize. In the tourism industry, AR is optimized to provide additional information on landmarks and museum exhibitions; thereby enhancing what is already a unique experience for the person traveling. In the coming years, Augmented Reality is expected to significantly increase user engagement and positively affect the user experience; in addition to having the potential to further enhance other media platforms for consumers and researchers alike.

Below is the infographic by Active Media Innovations:

Augemtned Reality Facts and Figures

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