Infographic: The Future of Retail in Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality alters what a person is seeing in that exact moment. Retail locations are considering implementing AR into various brick and mortar stores in the form of a virtual fitting room or a “Magic Mirror.” Beauty retailer, Sephora, is testing this Magic Mirror in select European locations. Make-up colors and shades can easily be changed by swiping a touchscreen, rather than putting on and taking off the products. Similar to this are Virtual Fitting Rooms that allow consumers to try on clothes with the use of live video. This saves time for both the consumer and the employees.

Many retail locations have already implemented Beacon Technology into their stores and many more are expected to join in the upcoming years. Beacon Technology has the capability of sending push notifications or messages to those with a smartphone that are within a certain radius of the store. These notifications raise consumer awareness and oftentimes offer exclusive product deals. In-store analytics are offered that tracks how long a consumer is in the store, where they are spending the most time, and can even pinpoint the products shoppers spend the most time viewing. Changing the way consumers are able to sample products combined with stores drawing consumers in tracking what they are viewing is sure to change the way people shop for good.

Below is the full infographic by Samsung Business Contributor 

reatil infographic

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