Infographic: Behind the Screens of VR

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing industry, currently dominated by companies including Samsung, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, and Sony. Each of these companies has a VR or AR device currently on the market, all ranging in cost. It is estimated that by 2020, 52 million head-mounted devices will be used in the US. These VR headsets are continuing to impact industries such as the medical, automobile, aerospace, manufacturing, and many more. Ford, for example, saves $8 million a year by using Virtual Reality to test out new features. Because Virtual Reality serves a multitude of purposes across an array of industries, VR is expected to break the $1 billion barrier for the first time. Korean company, ETRI, is currently working on a project to boost medical treatment using VR. Additionally, Nokia, Intel, and Finland University announced a joint research center to create 3D and VR software for mobile devices. With advances like this to come, it is no surprise that the VR market is expected to grow by $80 billion by 2025.

Below is the full infographic by Gallop: