Infographic: A Guide to Mobile VR Headsets

2016 is the year of virtual reality, during which VR and AR devices will grow in commonplace across the globe.. Grove Jones created a “checklist” of all VR devices currently on the market, some very well known, and others not as common. Nearly all of these headsets are both Apple and Android compatible, with only two VR devices only accepting Android devices. The majority of these devices features a modern, sleek look, similar to that of the Samsung Gear. The Wearality Sky, however, has a very unique look that will stand out from the rest. A select few, such as the well-known View Master and I Am Cardboard’s DSCVR, do not have an attached headband, requiring the user to hold it while using. The impressive number of VR headsets currently on the market clearly speaks to the growing popularity of VR; at this rate one can only guess at the number of VR headsets which will be on the market in a year from now.

Below is the full infographic by Groove Jones:

Mobile VR Headsets


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