Infographic – What’s Driving Virtual Reality?

Though virtual reality has been around for some time, it is just beginning to take the technology industry by storm. What was a $100 million industry just two years ago is projected to grow to $5.2 billion by 2018. This spike in recent growth can be attributed to the strides technology has made recently: lightweight, high resolution cellphones and motion sensors, high speed wireless data, Internet of Things growth, and 3D capable devices. There are only 3 industries being driven by VR at the moment; PC hardware manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and sensors. However, this is sure to increase as more industries begin to adopt virtual reality technology in coming years. The military, for one, would see a great benefit of introducing VR in training, where battlefronts can be simulated for training purposes; or even healthcare, where doctors and researchers will be able to see inside the human body with ease. Advances in VR technology are constantly being made, and it won’t be long before we see more industries being driven to use some of the new applications made possible by VR.

Below is the infographic by Jabil:

What's Driving Virtual Reality

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