Touchstone Research Receives Imperium’s Trust Shield Certification

Touchstone Research Imperium Certification Badge

Touchstone Research, a leader in the digital market research space, advances its data quality credentials by adding Imperium’s Trust Shield Certification.  The Trust Shield confirms that Touchstone Research utilizes the industry’s #1 data-quality and anti-fraud services and follows industry best practices for implementing data quality checks.

About the Trust Shield Certification:

The certification process is rigorous.  Imperium checks the setup of tools and monitors how respondents are being excluded or quarantined. Analysts will also review frequency of usage to ensure Imperium quality tools are being deployed widely across respondents and survey traffic.

An annual review of the certification scheme ensures continued compliance and enables customers to choose a market research partner with confidence.

“At Touchstone, we take data quality very seriously.  We dedicate a lot of time and resources to this area of research to ensure our clients receive the highest quality data on their study.  We are, therefore, very proud of our Trust Shield Certification and what it says about our data quality processes and standards.” —Travis Santa, VP & Security Officer

About Touchstone Research, Inc.

Touchstone Research, Inc. is a full-service marketing research and consumer insights firm serving the world’s largest brands, marketers, and agencies. Headquartered in Branford, Connecticut, with teams in Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Florida, Chicago, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Rhode Island.  Touchstone Research specializes in custom research, managing proprietary online panels and communities, youth and family, media and entertainment, and technology research. For more information, visit