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Infographic – The Future of VR

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Typically, when we think of Virtual Reality, entertainment is the first thing to come to mind—being able to play games, watch videos, and more on a VR device. However VR expands further than that; there are currently apps on the market that allow users to watch live sporting events or concerts in virtual reality, as if they are actually there. VR…

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The 9 Healthcare Companies Making Innovations in Virtual Reality

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We’re all aware that the potential applications of Virtual Reality span far beyond the world of gaming. There are potential applications in entertainment, sports, business and even in healthcare. Healthcare is one industry in particular that stands to really benefit from the utilization of VR technology. Imagine being able to get a consultation from any doctor across the globe. To…

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Infographic – Immerse Yourself in a New Reality

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality serve a higher purpose than a more realistic way to play video games and watch movies. In education, students can use VR to go on virtual field trips and visit prospective colleges. In the healthcare industry, AR can act as a guide for doctors to reduce errors in the practice; and VR can be used as a new tool…

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