Infographic: Immersive Learning in Corporate Training

In the late 1800’s, Herman Ebbingaus developed the Forgetting Curve Concept, which states that a person forgets 90% of training course content after one month. Learning can be harder than ever today, whether it is in a classroom setting, taking online classes, or even training in the workplace. Employees report that they can only dedicate 1% of their work to Learning and Development. The completion rate of online courses is only 15%. Not to mention the average adult’s attention span is 7-10 minutes. However, immersive learning, which is learning in a stimulated and controlled interactive environment, through Virtual Reality could change the way people absorb information for the better. Immersive learning is fun, stimulates the senses, adds a gaming aspect, gives users the right to “safely” fail and learn by doing. This type of learning has a 100% attention rate from users, is 5 times more engaging than any other media, and yields a 75 – 90% knowledge retention rate. Though the costs for this can vary based on the technology associated with the type of VR used, in the long run it will reduce logistics costs. This type of immersive learning can come in two forms depending on the industry it is being used in—a 3D simulated interactive environment, or as a real-life interactive experience. Immersive training is the next big thing headed our way in Virtual Reality and in any learning environment.

Below is the full infographic by Uptale: