Infographic: How We Use AR

Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are growing in popularity across a variety of industries. The reputation of both is that they are primarily used for gaming and entertainment; however AR is actually being used to assist doctors, engineers, teachers, and more in their professions. By introducing AR into the classroom, students will have a new way to learn by being able to see a 3D view of what would have been images in a text book. Doctors can use AR when examining patients, allowing for a 3D view of bones and organs to assist with proper patient diagnoses. For travelers, AR can give added information on landmarks and can even overlay pieces of history onto one’s current field of view—imagine being able to see an ancient temple that is now in ruins before your eyes! In the military, Augmented Reality can be used to deliver vital information to a soldier in combat. They would be able to see where former attacks have occurred and can better target locations. AR is growing in popularity in the beauty and fashion industry as well; stores and designers across the globe are implementing AR into their mobile apps, allowing users to virtually try on clothes, makeup, etc without actually having to do so. Soon, advertisements and magazines will even begin to implement AR to better personalize content to the specific user. AR technology has been evolving at a rapid rate and several industries are evolving with it; who knows how else this amazing technology will continue to drive industry change. 

Below is the full infographic by Bold Digital Marketing:

How we use AR

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