Infographic – Virtual Reality for Home Building and Buying

Virtual Reality is best known for its role in the entertainment industry, but it is also growing more useful in a variety of industries such as tourism, education, and even real estate. Building, buying, and selling homes has become more efficient and less stressful by adding VR technology to the process. Home buyers who are relocating are able to tour potential new homes without having to travel—they can view a variety of options without having to leave! For buyers shopping for homes that are under development, they can easily envision what the home is expected to look like and have the ability to establish an emotion connection to their new home early on. Using VR in home buying also makes the interior decorating process much easier by being able to picture actual pieces of furniture in the new home. Shopping for homes in VR is possible by using one of the many Virtual Reality devices currently on the market. These include the Google Cardboard, a hand-held device available at a low price point, as well as the Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift, both head-mounted devices with increased technology that are available at a higher price point. The Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift are all currently on the market and are available for purchase today.

Below is the full infographic by BDX