SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 11th, 2015 – Virtual reality has been somewhat of an intriguing fantasy for a while now; and while the technology has been available for a number of years, it’s only recently that big strides are being made in virtual reality. These technological advances seem to have overcome the problems that have for so long held VR back and offer the promise of making VR a viable mainstream consumer technology. Several companies are gearing up to release their virtual reality products and content in the coming months; which begs the question, what do consumers want in their virtual reality devices and VR experiences?

Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research, Inc., conducted a ground-breaking VR Consumer Sentiment Study including a comprehensive online survey with over 2000 participants from age 10 through 65+ and  reflecting US Census data on key metrics (e.g. ethnicity, region, etc.). The purpose of this study was to gather insights on consumer interest in virtual reality across several dimensions including generation, gender, ethnicity, parents & kids/teens, interest in applications, content and much more. The results of this study have been published in a 133 page report which provides many useful insights about which consumers are interested in virtual reality, and what they’re interested in using it for.

Some of the insights found in the report can be seen in the infographic below; more comprehensive data, and their implications, can be found in the full report which is currently available for purchase on the Greenlight VR website.

VR Consumer Sentiment Infographic

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