Tech Savvy Kids Talk About Space Exploration Interest in Apollo 11 App

NEW YORK, August 5, 2013 /Touchstone Research/ – Kids today labor under the stereotype that they are preoccupied with video and online gaming, mired in digital routines to the exclusion of real-world exploration and imagination. A recent study by Kid Bunch and Touchstone Research, Inc. however, shows that today’s youngsters still dream of exploring the great beyond and learning about space exploration – both at school, and through fun and educational digital apps.

An infographic prepared by Kid Bunch, juxtaposing the views of 7 – 10 year olds with those of their parents, indicates that most kids think there could be aliens in space, a third of parents believe that Mars will be colonized during their child’s lifetime, and a majority of families agree that the Apollo 11 mission that first brought mankind to the moon really happened.

The study reveals that only a quarter of kids feel they’ve learned a lot about space exploration in school. Realizing the importance of science in their kids’ lives and the potential for “stealth learning”–using technology to engage and involve kids while they learn , 80% of parents agreed that there needs to be more quality educational material for kids on mobile devices.

Coinciding with this need, the study found that 2/3 of kids and parents would download a mobile app that combined digital gaming with learning about space science and the Apollo 11 mission. While 90% of kids believe STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) learning subjects to be very important for children today, learning-while-gaming apps just might be the middle ground that kids and parents are looking for.

Touchstone Research & Kid Bunch Kids Technology and Space Study

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Kid Bunch is a team of developers, artists, and parents creating world recognised mobile interactive adventures for kids!  Since coming together in 2011, we now have a devoted following of over half a million families around the world playing, learning, and loving with our award-winning brand, the Bean Bag Kids.  As parents ourselves, we’re committed to making ethical, educational, and most importantly fun apps designed for an entire family experience!  Check us out and get involved with our latest projects and apps over at or find us in the iOS app store by searching for the incredibly popular Bean Bag Kids.


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