Here at Touchstone, we are extremely passionate about VR/AR and believe it will dramatically change the world we live in today. And . . . we love it!

Touchstone VR is Touchstone Research’s consumer insights division for all things Virtual and Augmented Reality. Today, we have an incredible opportunity for VR fans to be a part of an exciting online community made up of those who share a passion for VR. The community is sponsored by Facebook!

If you love VR, own a headset and like VR apps/gaming this is a chance to enjoy serious and satisfying contact with others in the online community AND get paid for participating! Details below.

Who is eligible?


  • Be Age 25-44
  • Reside in LA, Atlanta, NYC, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix (other locations will open later)
  • Own VR headset
  • Be passionate about VR and willing to express your opinions and ideas
  • Meet other eligibility requirements (this means taking a 15-minute survey)
  • Complete a telephone validation interview (5-10 minutes)

What do u get $$?

  • You’ll receive incentive up to $10.00 for each of the posted activity/discussion sets that you respond to.  (This means that you are answering each of the questions posted for that week!). If there is an activity/discussion task each week and you fully participate you could receive up to $40.00-$50.00 a month.
  • There will also be additional opportunities to participate in live virtual sessions where you can earn up to $75.00+!!
  • Incentive payments will be provided monthly (at the end of the month) for weekly activity/discussion sets that you completed in the month.  Incentive payments for virtual live sessions will be paid following that session (within one week).
  • Incentive payments are made in the form of a virtual Tango Reward Link incentive. (Tango Reward links can be redeemed for over 100 brands –including Visa and Amazon gift cards –and never expire!)
  • Use your Tango Rewards to buy more VR apps/games & accessories!
Quick Facts about Reward Link:

  • Can choose from over 100 retail brands and charities (including Visa Gift Card!)
  • Reward Links never expire
  • Value can be spent to redeem multiple eGift cards or charities

Value will be retained if the full value is not completely redeemed.
Click card to learn more.

What is expected of you?

  • This will be a yearlong online research community
  • Participate in the weekly activity/discussion sets posted on the community platform
  • Abide by the community rules and terms
  • If interested, participate in the live virtual sessions/other special community activities
  • Have fun and enjoy engaging with other community members about topics relating to virtual reality!


Or copy and paste the link below into your browser

This survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete

NOTE: Once we have received enough responses to fill the project requirements, the survey will be closed. Please try to submit your information as early as possible.



Questions? Send our Customer Support Team an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. NOTE: Include VR Community in the Subject line

This online VR Opinion Community is managed by Touchstone Research, Inc.  14 Business Park Drive, Suite 7, Branford, CT 06405