Community Notification and Rewards Policy

Note: This Policy is Supplemental to the Meta Community Terms and Conditions.


By using this website and participating in the activities offered herein, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the Notification and Rewards Policy (“Policy”) set forth below. This Policy governs your involvement in the Community and outlines the guidelines for SMS Text Messaging & Alerts, Notification of Changes in Personal & Other Information, and Community Rewards.

Please be aware that this Policy is supplemental to the existing Meta Community Terms and Conditions governing your use of this website. In case of any conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions and this Policy, the Meta Community Terms and Conditions shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.


  1. SMS Text Messaging & Alerts Terms

Touchstone Research, Inc. (“Research Administrator”) offers text messaging for our research participants so he or she can receive invitations and reminders to participate in different research activities on their mobile device. SMS text messaging is optional and your consent to receive text messages is not required to make a purchase or participate in the Community. By registering to receive communications, including survey alerts (“Community Activity Alerts”) via Short Message Service or text (“SMS Alerts Service”), you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (“Terms”) and the Community website Privacy Policy.

Authorization: You certify that you are authorized: (a) to enroll the designated mobile phone number in the SMS Alerts Service, and (b) to incur any mobile message or data charges that may be incurred by participating in the SMS Alerts Service.

Subscribing to SMS Alerts: You may subscribe to SMS Alerts by entering and submitting your mobile phone number in the provided submission form during registration. By entering your phone number and completing the submission form, you consent to these Terms and to receive text message and messages that use automatic telephone dialing technology, artificial voice or pre-recorded voice or live person communications from Research Administrator as described herein.

By subscribing to SMS Community Activity Alerts, you expressly consent and agree to accept and receive Community Activity Alerts and related communications via text message from Research Administrator and Meta, including our agents, independent contractors and affiliates, to your mobile device and to the cellular/mobile telephone number(s) that you provided to us. The information in any message may be subject to certain time lags and/or delays.

Frequency of Messages: The number of text messages you may receive per month may vary depending on the number of research activities you qualify for at any given time—from several messages to 10+ messages per month.

To Stop Messages: Text STOP to 670-67. You agree that following a request to unsubscribe you will receive one (1) final message from Research Administrator confirming that you have been removed from the SMS list. Following such confirmation message, no additional text messages will be sent unless you opt back in to receive SMS text messages from Research Administrator. Please allow up to three (3) business days to process your request. To opt back in to receive SMS text messages from Research Administrator, you must text UNSTOP to 670-67.  It is your sole responsibility to notify us if you no longer want to receive automated calls or text messages.  You waive any rights to bring claims for unauthorized or undesired calls or text messages by failing to opt-out immediately or by failing to follow these instructions.  Please note that if you opt out of automated calls or text messages, we reserve the right to make non-automated calls to you.

For Help: Call 1-800-409-2665 or email us at [email protected].

Message, Voice and Data rates may apply. By participating in the SMS Alerts Service, you approve any such charges from your mobile carrier. Check your carrier’s plan for details. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible and liable for obtaining, maintaining, and paying all charges related to your mobile device(s).

No Guarantee: Research Administrator is not responsible for incomplete, lost, late, or misdirected messages, including (but not limited to) undelivered messages resulting from any form of filtering by your mobile carrier or service provider or otherwise.

Use of Automated Dialing Technology: You acknowledge and agree that the SMS Alerts Service may be provided in some cases through automatic telephone dialing technology, an artificial voice or a pre-recorded voice. The Federal Communications Commission defines an “automatic telephone dialing system” or auto-dialer as equipment that has the capacity to store or produce telephone numbers to be called and to call such numbers. 47 C.F.R. § 64.1200. By providing us your phone number, you expressly consent to receive the SMS Alerts Service through automatic dialing technology, artificial and pre-recorded voice.  You acknowledge that automated calls or text messages may be made to your telephone number(s) even if your telephone number(s) is registered on any state or federal Do Not Call list.  You understand that you may receive automated calls or text messages to any telephone number you provide at any time.

General Communications: You agree to receive notifications from Research Administrator, its representatives, employees, and agents, through any means authorized under these Terms, including phone calls and text messages that use automatic telephone dialing technology, artificial voice or pre-recorded voice or live person.

Carriers: Supported carriers include all major United States carriers including, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile®, Sprint, and others.

Termination: Research Administrator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any or all of the SMS Alerts Service, in whole or in part, for any reason, with or without notice to you.


  1. Notification of Changes in Personal & Other Information

You agree as a Member to promptly notify Research Administrator of any changes in personal and other information, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and demographic information by updating such information on the Site.   You agree to indemnify Research Administrator, Meta, and each of our respective agents, affiliates, and independent contractors for any privacy, tort or other claims, including claims under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act or its state law equivalent, relating to your voluntary provision of a telephone number that is not owned by you and/or your failure to notify Research Administrator of any changes in your contact information, including telephone number.  You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from and against any and all such claims, losses, liability, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees).  Research Administrator shall have the exclusive right to choose counsel, at your expense, to defend any such claims.


  1. Community Rewards

Members will receive the following compensation (“Incentive”) for their participation in this community:

  •       $10.00 per completed set of online activities/discussions
  •       $100.00 per completed 60 minute virtual session

Incentives for online Community activities will be allocated following the conclusion of each month. Incentive amounts will be  based on your level of participation for that month (e.g., if a Member completes two (2) sets of online activities during a month, they will receive $20.00 incentive for that month).  Incentives for in-person sessions will be provided following the conclusion of the sessions. Incentives for in-person sessions is generally credited forty-eight (48) hours after the session date/time.

Research Administrator will be the sole judge as to whether the Community activity(ies)/task/session has been “completed” and warrants the incentive. You agree that Research Administrator decisions regarding incentive being earned are final and cannot be contested.

Incentives will be provided in the form of virtual Reward Links powered by Tango Cards.


Quick Facts about Reward Link:

  •       You can choose from over 100 retail brands and charities, including, but not limited to:
  •       Visa Gift Card
  •       Amazon
  •       Target
  •       Starbucks
  •       Walmart, and many more!
  •       Reward Links never expire
  •       Value can be spent to redeem multiple eGift cards or charities
  •       Value will be retained if the full value is not completely redeemed

THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO REWARD LINK: Reward Link is managed by Tango Card, Inc. Reward Links expire on the date stated on the Reward and are valid within the USA only. Reward Links are issued to Reward Recipient without charge for loyalty, award, or promotional purposes, and are not sold to consumers. Your Reward Link balance may be redeemed for national gift cards and can be accessed at any time by clicking the Reward Link URL. Reward can only be redeemed by the Reward Recipient; Reward cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. All redemptions are final. Reward Link balances from different programs cannot be combined. No fees apply to Reward Link. Please treat like cash. Please view our full terms of service at Use of this Reward constitutes acceptance of the Reward Link terms of service. Separate terms and conditions apply after Reward Link redemption based on merchant selected for redemption.


Neither Research Administrator nor Meta is responsible for any lost or stolen Incentives.  Research Administrator reserves the right to void any Incentives which have been incorrectly credited to a Member for whatever reason due to technical, computer, human or other error even if such error is not detected until the Member attempts to collect the incentive.  Each Member agrees that all disputes regarding Incentive will be decided by Research Administrator.  Incentive will be voided or forfeited if you opt-out of the Community.  Incentives may be voided or forfeited for violating these Terms and Conditions.


Rewards & Taxes

Research Administrator does not provide any legal or tax advice to Members. Members are solely liable and responsible for their own tax and legal obligations. Research Administrator may provide you and/or the appropriate government agency or taxing authority with information related to your rewards redemption history and, if applicable, Research Administrator may withhold taxes upon request from the appropriate government agency or taxing authority. You acknowledge that Research Administrator may be required to provide or supply certain information to applicable government agencies or departments in regards to any payments or incentives you earn in connection with your use of the Site or services. You acknowledge that Research Administrator may supply information to taxing agencies, or withhold taxes, at the request of those agencies or as we, in our sole discretion, deem appropriate. You agree to provide Research Administrator with all required information to assist Research Administrator in complying with its reporting or withholding obligations. Your failure to provide such information within thirty (30) days of a request sent by Research Administrator to the email address registered at that time may result in the forfeiture of Rewards and Research Administrator shall be entitled, without notice or any obligation to such Member (or his or her household), to remove such Member household from the Community, delete such Community household information from its records, and void any remaining points in such Community household account.


  1. Updates to this Policy


Please note that this Notification and Rewards Policy may be revised or updated periodically. It is your responsibility to review the Policy regularly to stay informed of any changes. Your continued use of the website and participation in the community activities after any modifications to this Policy will signify your acceptance of the revised terms.

If you have questions or concerns about this Policy that aren’t addressed above, you can contact us by calling: 1-800-409-2665, or simply click here, or write:

Touchstone Research, Inc.
Attn: Travis Santa, Privacy Officer
470 James Street, Suite 007
New Haven, CT 06513

Email: [email protected]