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Digital Research

Marketing research should not be stagnant; your customers aren’t. Research needs to be current with where people are at today. How in touch can you be if your research firm can’t reach them where they are in ways that they relate to? It’s a lot easier to keep your finger on the pulse of the consumer if you can get close to them. We are known for innovation and leading-edge solutions that help our clients stay abreast of dynamic consumer markets and ahead of their competition.

We are always looking for ways to adopt and integrate new technologies into marketing research applications. We develop, borrow, adopt, modify and integrate new technologies, tools, widgets, applications; whatever provides a better means of helping our clients connect with their customers.

Survey Capabilities

We are one of the most experienced and advanced online research firms–we have state-of-the art capabilities and can include virtually any advanced technique including complex survey logic, skips, rotations, branching patterns, piping prior question responses, use of graphics/flash/streaming video, etc., random attribute presentation, random block rotations of question/concept groups, etc. (we can easily accommodate algebraic logic, comprehensive Boolean skip and branching logic, hidden skip logic, variable piping, etc.). The survey is precisely controlled (random or systematic rotation, error trapping and forced answering, single-response and multiple-response controls, range/mathematical checks, blocks backing up/skipping over questions, etc.).

Additional Technologies:

computerWe are constantly reviewing and adopting new technologies into our methods to stay well ahead of the curve—this is particularly important with the fast-paced, dynamic, ever-changing online consumer market. Where appropriate for the research objectives, we utilize new technologies in the digital medium-not limited to new market research tools but new technologies that we adapt to market research needs and mixed mode quantitative and qualitative technologies to provide an in-depth, rich understanding: