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Shot of Me Justin Beiber Selfie App Research Article

Every so often, a cultural trend becomes a phenomenon. Malcolm Gladwell called it the tipping point. General nostalgia classically refers to it as the zeitgeist. And, alas, surely as Chuck Taylors compliment skinny jeans, sometimes these phenomena meet, the wake of which leaves us in a changed world.

Enter Shots of Me, the spanking new Bieber-backed, feature-packed - that’s right - SELFIE APP.

It’s about time these two got together.

Shots of Me is dedicated to, and formatted only for, the recently exploding trend known as Selfies – pictures taken of oneself, often using a smartphone’s front-facing camera feature, to post on a social networking site like Facebook or Instagram. (Teenaged Selfie pioneers might even add that duck-face is necessary, but I say smile if you wanna). Read more... 

Tencent Consumer Insight Article 


“Now victory may be produced for your army from the tactics used by the enemy.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

China, the Middle Kingdom. Home of Sun Tzu and his war strategies; Confucius and his many proverbs (he who stand on toilet, high on pot is not one of them). Long have we wondered over our grandiose, enigmatic neighbor to the far east that leads the US in tobacco, steel, cotton and - eat your heart out, craft nerds - beer production.

Our economic advisors can no longer be surprised at China taking the reins on so many classically American industries - it’s been brewing for so long, as it were. But latest to the table, and - I’ll admit, slightly surprising - is social networking.

China’s Tencent, along with its mobile messaging app WeChat, are on the cusp of overtaking our homeland’s founding and most shining example of red white and blue social networking, Facebook. Read more...

Teen Mobile Market Research Study
I Kissed a Girl!

That was easy. I just put together a few pictures and I have the answer to my latest trivia challenge on 4 Pics 1 Song, the number 1 downloaded free app in the App Store. The admirable runner up is Amateur Surgeon. Yes, it’s exactly like it sounds, and more - the first line of the description: “Have you ever wanted to operate on a mutant bear with a chainsaw?”

Who hasn’t?

Instagram and Vine round out the top 10, of free quality apps and while it’s not surprising that many of these apps are downloaded by teens, a recent PEW study reveals that 58% of young folks aged 12 - 17 have downloaded apps on their smart phone or tablet, with half later deleting the apps due to privacy or tracking concerns.


The study, conducted at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, also shows the increasing numbers of many teens who own a capable mobile device (82%), and how many of those same teens utilize that device in order to download apps (71%).  


The majority of the apps are the teens download are free ones that their parents won’t see on the phone bill. In fact, the study reveals teens’ biggest determining factor in downloading new apps is the absence of price, offering survey responses like, “Usually, I just stick to free ones. Because if I don’t like it, I can just delete it. And it doesn’t matter.”  Read more...

Tech Savvy Researcher Feature Google Chromecast is Bringing Mobile Home

Maybe I’m old school, but I’ve always been suspect of watching internet video on my phone.

Doesn’t mean I don’t do it, but there’s always a latent uneasiness, like I’m selling myself short but there’s no other option. I still laugh at the dancing dog youtube video a friend texted, still well-up at the facebook videos of my baby nephew crawling, and can’t resist previewing the next episode of Orange is the New Black while I’m walking home - but the one constant through all this mobile media ethos is that, well, I’m squinting.

Google just solved my problem - at least at home. Introducing Chromecast - a brilliantly functional, flashdrive-sized dongle designed to act as a portal from your computer or mobile device to your tv. Read more...


Kids & Space Study

NEW YORK, July 24, 2013 /Touchstone Research/ – Kids today labor under the stereotype that they are preoccupied with video and online gaming, mired in digital routines to the exclusion of real-world exploration and imagination. A recent study by Kid Bunch and Touchstone Research, Inc. however, shows that today’s youngsters still dream of exploring the great beyond and learning about space exploration – both at school, and through fun and educational digital apps.


An infographic prepared by Kid Bunch, juxtaposing the views of 7 – 10 year olds with those of their parents, indicates that most kids think there could be aliens in space, a third of parents believe that Mars will be colonized during their child’s lifetime, and a majority of families agree that the Apollo 11 mission that first brought mankind to the moon really happened.  Read more...